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+script +script is a partial implementation of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) written entirely in JavaScript 
Asm.js: The JavaScript Compile Target  "Like many developers I’ve been excited by the promise of Asm.js. Reading the recent news that Asm.js is now in Firefox nightly is what got my interest going. There’s also been a massive surge in interest after Mozilla and Epic announced (mirror) that they had ported Unreal Engine 3 to Asm.js – and that it ran really well." 
Bck2Brwsr Create small Java capable to boot fast and run in 100% of modern browsers including those that have no special support for Java. Demonstrate that Java has benefits over JavaScript when creating larger HTML5 applications. Unlike other similar efforts, the goal of this project is not to execute any existing Java library. It is expected that libraries for the new, limited environment need to be specially designed.  
BicaVM This project is an implementation of a JVM in JavaScript. At the moment it runs Java code, but is more like a proof of concept than a real JVM. 
Box2D as a Measure of Runtime Performance Box2d makes a great general benchmark – it’s a bottleneck on real-world apps, and there’s no one thing that a VM or compiler can optimize to “fix it”. It also has the nice property that it’s been ported to lots of different platforms – the original is written in C++, and it’s been ported to ActionScript, Java, Javascript, and several other systems. So I took it upon myself to put together a little benchmark that measures the time it takes to simulate one frame of a reasonably complex Box2D world. 
DoppioVM A JVM in Coffeescript 
Doppio vs Bck2Brwsr Comparison between Doppio and Bck2Brwsr 
j2me.js J2ME VM in JavaScript 
jarjvm JAR JVM is a Java Virtual Machine interpreter that is written completely in JavaScript. As a result, it runs entirely in your browser -- no plugins required! 
Jikes RVM Jikes RVM (Jikes Research Virtual Machine) is a mature open source virtual machine that runs Java programs. Unlike most other JVMs it is written in Java, a style of implementation termed meta-circular. 
jsJVM jsJVM is a conceptual Java Virtual Machine written in JavaScript and CoffeeScript. 
Maxine Research VM The Maxine Virtual Machine is an open source virtual machine developed by Oracle Labs. The emphasis in Maxine's architecture is on modular design and code reuse in the name of flexibility, configurability, and productivity for industrial and academic virtual machine researchers. It is a Java Virtual Machine written entirely in Java in a meta-circular style. 
Metascala Metascala is a tiny metacircular Java Virtual Machine (JVM) written in the Scala programming language.  
node-jvm A jvm in pure node.js 
ParparVM ParparVM is the VM developed by Codename One to replace the defunct XMLVM with which it was originally built [...] ParparVM was designed as a client side VM and features a concurrent GC that doesn't block the current execution thread. In order to accomplish such concurrence a small penalty is paid during usage but this allows for smoother runtime. 
PluotSorbet PluotSorbet is a J2ME-compatible virtual machine written in JavaScript.  
Squawk Squawk is a Java micro edition virtual machine for embedded system and small devices. Most virtual machines for the Java platform are written in low level native languages such as C/C++ and assembler; what makes Squawk different is that Squawk's core is mostly written in Java. 
TeaVM TeaVM is an ahead-of-time translating compiler (transpiler) from Java bytecode to JavaScript. Its close relative is well-known GWT. The main difference is that TeaVM does not require to provide source code together with compiled class files. Moreover, source code is not required to be Java.  
XMLVM Cross-Compiling Android Applications to HTML5 Using XMLVM and Emscripten  
XMLVM vs RoboVM "I would describe RoboVM as a Xamarin for Java based on LLVM. Its an LLVM front end for Java that allows using the toolchain to build native iOS apps with native iOS API's. Unlike Codename One which aims for WORA, RoboVM is targeted at avoiding Objective-C and giving a Java facelift to iOS development. Niklas did an amazing job in terms of tooling and the underlying technology and we are keeping a keen eye on this project, we spent a great deal of time talking about making a living from open source projects. I do hope that Niklas will find the model that works for him with RoboVM and is able to keep the amazing rate of progress he has shown so far." 
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